First, you need to become an Ambassador!

EcoTuesday Ambassadors are outgoing, well networked individuals in cities around the world that share the EcoTuesday vision for change and are passionate about creating structured monthly networking events for sustainable business leaders. Ambassadors work in teams of two in each city.

Is that YOU? Are you and a partner ready for to bring this to your city?

Please check out our current Ambassadors!

The benefits of starting an EcoTuesday and becoming an Ambassador in your city includes:

  • Meet sustainable business leaders in your city.
  • Bring together foremost thought leaders and decision-makers.
  • Earn extra income from Local Sponsorship sales.
  • Be the primary host and organizer for monthly EcoTuesday events in your city.
  • Be the hub of sustainable business activity in your city.
  • Be a part of expanding the sustainability conversation and making an impact on businesses and the planet.
  • Earn 50% commission from Sponsorship sales and from the monthly event revenue.
  • Have a lot of fun!       


Here's an overview of the Ambassador Program:

  • Produce one event on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
  • Invite a great speaker to talk about their area of expertise each month (rather than give a sales presentation for their company's product or service).
  • Secure the venue each month (we highly suggest finding a location that serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and one where you can have a space all to yourself).
  • Write a blog post on at least once a month (we'll get you started quickly!).
  • Publicize your event as far and wide as possible!
  • Coordinate Sponsorship sales for your monthly event with local companies that would like to get their name in front of the EcoTuesday participants.
  • Stay connected to EcoTuesday headquarters in San Francisco.
  • Coordinate post-event administration (short re-cap of event, upload photos if possible, and send thank you messages to venue and speaker).
  • Work closely with the other Ambassador within the Ambassador team and share all responsibilities for producing and publicizing the EcoTuesday events.


Here's the process:

Tell us a bit about why you'd be a great Ambassador. Click here to share about your skills and experience through our application form.

Once accepted, there is a small administration fee to get you started. Then, you will then have access to the Ambassadors-Only section of (this includes logos, official messaging, etc.) and you can start creating your first event.

Remember - Ambassadors must work in teams of at least two in each city. Please find a friend or colleague to work with you and send in separate applications at around the same time. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.