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Stephen Cataldo
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"Greening festivals and conferences, carpooling & sharing, helping festivals with green dreams turn them into rooted, real community activities... helping people get started as activists on a s

Community Weaver at SpaceShare Green Travel

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Started SpaceShare Green Travel -- carpools, room-shares, taxi-shares and other green networking for festivals, conferences, sports and other events -- about 5 years ago.  Very interested in partnering with others and growing this very-green hybrid organization/business: looking for Eco Tuesday people who might want to:

  1. partner with SpaceShare or work from somplace affordable and amazing like Chiang Mai or
  2. green businesses that want to reach festival audiences who could sponsor carpooling like Columbia Gorge Organics does from the Harmony Festival.  Always looking for creative ways to partner with other green businesses.
  3. Also, often have free tickets for volunteers at festivals.

My other interests: therapeutic politics (helping both liberals and conservatives be better/healthier liberals and conservatives, rather than fighting each other.)  One day hope to write a book...

Company Website:

Services Stephen Provides

  • carpools, room-shares and green networking for events
  • drupal and other website development
  • marketing opportunities at festivals (as the "Green Travel Sponsor")

Services Stephen Wants

  • green signage for our booth at festivals
  • a carbon offset partner