Nikki Pava

Nikki Pava

"I am passionate about bringing sustainability education to as many people as possible and for creating awareness for healthier living choices."

Co-founder and President of EcoTuesday

Nikki's bio

Nikki is deeply passionate about providing services that support conscious & mission-driven companies reach their sustainability goals. In 2007, Nikki co-founded EcoTuesday to facilitate vital connections and change in the business community. Today, EcoTuesday is thriving in 6 cities across the country. The monthly event brings together hundreds of sustainability professionals & has made a positive impact on business in several local communities. Most recently, Nikki was named in Renewable Energy News and Cleantechies as one of the Top 10 Women in Sustainability. Read more about Nikki here.

Services Nikki Provides

  • Project Management
  • Public Relations for EcoTuesday
  • New Ambassadors for EcoTuesday

Services Nikki Wants

  • Administrative Assistance for EcoTuesday