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Breakdown boundaries and promote the mutual exchange of ideas and values across sectors, across disciplines, and between theory and practice.
Unlike other organizations, CSI reaches across boundaries and brings disparate views from the nonprofit, business, and government worlds to bear on social problems allowing us to leverage multiple experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds, leading to new insights and new solutions.
Strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to social problems.
Because solving difficult problems and achieving social impact requires strong leadership, CSI focuses on cultivating leaders for social change, leveraging the core competencies of the GSB, and addressing the tremendous deficit in social change leaders today.
A cross-sector community actively building a more just, sustainable and prosperous world.
The worldwide CSI community encompasses a variety of stakeholders, including alumni, students, GSB faculty, scholars, and leaders from across the sectors who are interested in social innovation. This community is both the ends and the means of social transformation; it is a vibrant network that empowers individuals and organizations to have an even greater impact in their careers and lives. We believe that social change does not happen in a vacuum but requires individuals connected to larger networks and communities.

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