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Kenn Hirschberg
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My goal is to help make our country leaner, greener, and more energy independent."

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 A recent Graduate from Cal State University with a degree in Finance I am interested in projects that improve the efficient use of our resources and reduce the amount of pollution we create.  I'm currently working on a company to install and service Hydrogen-On-Demand systems (HHO) for automobiles and trucks.  These systems improve the mileage of any vehicle they're installed into and reduce exhaust fumes . They do this by catalyzing the gas or diesel fuel causing it to be burned more completely.

 I'm also a real estate investor.  I prefer to specialize in self storage facilities, however, the topic of "green building renovations" intrigues me quite bit and I would like to get involved in projects that converts buildings into more energy efficient structures.

Services Kenn Provides

  • Soon to Provide Installation of Hydrogen-On-Demand Fuel Cells for Automobiles

Services Kenn Wants

  • Automotive Computer Programmers
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Business Mentors