We are fortunate to have the support of a few wonderful organizations that are helping EcoTuesday grow and evolve. Thank you, supporters, for all of your assistance! Here they are:


Love our website? We do, and we're thankful to the entire team at CivicActions for bringing the initial vision into reality. CivicActions provides social media strategy, technology pla

nning and online fundraising tools (plus much more). Their client list includes Amnesty International, Center for Reproductive Rights, Creative Commons, Witness, ACLU, IONS, Free Software Foundation, and The Women's Funding Network. We're truly grateful to all of the progressive thinkers at CivicActions for having the big vision around the EcoTuesday site, and for executing it by using all of their skills and resources.


EcoTuesday is proud to work with DynaMedia SF. Longtime friends Marcine and Louda started DynaMedia SF in April of 2008 to help sustainable companies get to the "next level" on the business ladder. Their services include  many aspects of marketing and design, such as optimization/analysis, online advertising, corporate identity, and email marketing (to name a few). They also provide those quantifiable results that we all love to have for our businesses. They're not only incredibly smart, but they're energetic and committed to their vision. They help EcoTuesday with SEO and SEM strategy, and we couldn't be more happy with their level of professionalism and knowledge.


Technica CommunicationsWe send many thanks to Lisa Ann Pinkerton, Founder & President at Technica Communications. Lisa has helped EcoTuesday fine-tune our messaging and has supported us in making connections with conferences across the country. Technica Communications is a public relations agency that brings a journalistic perspective to a company's PR efforts. Lisa got her start as a broadcast journalist for National Public Radio, where she focused on stories about the environment. This knowledge has been quite a benefit to EcoTuesday's endeavors!


We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for Tony Cooper of Shirlaws. Company owners see their business as "their baby." They love it and want to make sure that it's healthy. Shirlaws understands that, and loves business just as you love "your baby." Shirlaws provides a set of frameworks for companies to use to navigate through different stages of development, which is helpful for both start-ups and long-established businesses. They take a "holistic" approach to coaching and look not only at positive and negative business structures, but also the emotions and feelings that contribute to building a successful business. Tony has been instrumental in supporting EcoTuesday to become a more sustainable company.