Many of us enjoy eating fish and going out for sushi.  Whether it's a rock'n'roll, spicy tuna or shrimp tempura roll, we all have a favorite but do you ever wonder how it is caught or if it is sustainable?  With over three quarters of our planet covered by the oceans, it seems impossible for the life in our oceans to be endangered, but sadly it's true.  According to, "80% of the world's fisheries are fully-to-over-exploited, depleted, or in a state of collapse.  We are losing species as well as entire ecosystems and are at risk of losing a valuable food source many depend upon for social, economical or dietary reasons."  These disturbing stats highlight the exploitation of our biggest natural resource on earth and is exactly why Casson Trenor, a world-wide ocean conservationist, has devoted his life to paving a way for change.  Hear more from this global ocean steward at this month’s EcoTuesday event on April 24th. 


Casson will reel you in with his perspective on how overfishing has impacted the industry and what all of us can do to help preserve and support environmentally responsible fishing.
 He has worked tirelessly to support our marine resources in all five oceans and countless seas, from saving the whales of the Antarctic to studying the salmon of Alaska.  Casson is a co-founder of North America’s first fully sustainable sushi restaurantsTataki Sushi and author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time. He also played a main character in “Sushi: the Global Catch,” a documentary that played at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in March 2012.  


Casson currently holds the position of Senior Markets Campaigner with Greenpeace USA, where he spearheads the organization’s efforts to hold restaurants and supermarkets accountable for their seafood sustainability practices and to help educate the public about the global fisheries crisis.  Named by Time magazine 2009 as "Hero of the Environment" and the "Ocean Protection Hero" award by environmental organization, Save Our Shores, Trenor has extensive expertise as an ocean champion.  Learn more about his ocean stewardship and his quest for change on Tuesday, 4/24.  This is an event not to be missed!


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