It's been wonderful to hear so many nice statements and thoughts about the completion of the monthly EcoTuesday events in San Francisco. I've heard the question, "why is it ending?" or "why can't someone else do it?" so many times over the past few weeks. So flattering! Please read my longer explanation of the status of EcoTuesday. Short kudos like this one, from a longtime EcoTuesday supporter, make me smile: "Congratulations for creating such a valuable, informative, fun and interactive forum for ideas concerning sustainability and the well-being of all people and places to thrive!" (Thanks, Jeremy Pearl!)

The good news, though, is that the Ambassadors in Cleveland and Silicon Valley will still host and lead the monthly events in those cities. Please let your friends and colleagues know about each month's speakers in these areas, and share how informative and valuable you find the Introduction Circle so that the events in these cities continue to grow! 

I'd love to see as many new and veteran EcoTuesday fans at our final farewell event, which will take place on Tuesday, November 27th at the W Hotel. Please come for this final gathering to enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and share your EcoTuesday memories with others - I know I'd love to hear them!