Everyone has heard the old adage, "It's not what you know, it's who you know"? In this tough economy - it is both. To make it nowadays, a person must have excellent qualifications and great connections.


This is where Presidio Graduate School comes in. It offer a strongeducational foundation with its MPA, MBA, Executive Programs and Dual Degrees but also offers a student the opportunity to make some very valuable connections.


For instance, last month, Presidio Graduate School presented, "A Master Class in Collaborative Economics, Featuring Van Jones." In this class Mr. Jones provided his latest theory on how citizens can use technology to create bottom-up, people-powered innovations to fix the U.S. Economy. Although this class was open to the public, only Presidio students were privy to a mentoring session following the lecture with Van Jones himself.


This month, Presidio was one of the main organizers for the Meeting of The Minds San Francisco 2012. It featured more than 250 invited global urban sustainability leaders from more than a dozen countries. All discussing how to better design a sustainable city. This was the place to connect with sustainable leaders that are making a difference in our world today.


The opportunities to make these valuable connections are abundant at Presidio. This Friday, October 12th do not miss, "A Master Class in Impact Investing Featuring Jed Emerson." Impact investing is a rapidly growing trend in the sustainable community and this is great way to learn the fundamentals.


As you can see, Presidio Graduate School is involved in so many opportunities to make these valuable connections that it will surely give a student the career advantage they are looking for. If you are interested in making a difference in your career path while creating a positive impact on the business community it is worth checking out what Presidio has to offer. Whether you choose to attend the Meeting of The Minds Conference or one of their info sessions, coffee shop chats, or webinars please do not hesitate to do so. Plus, if you want an insider's look into the very active Presidio community visit them on their Pinterest site, Facebook Page, or Blog!