This post is to share that Tuesday, November 27th will mark the very last monthly EcoTuesday event in San Francisco. It's been a great five and a half years and I'm so proud of all that EcoTuesday has accomplished since the first event in February of 2007.

In the meantime, please make sure to attend the October 23rd event in Silicon Valley and the October 30th events taking place in Cleveland and San Francisco.

My goal in life is to create awareness for alternative, healthier living choices and bring those choices to people. When EcoTuesday first started, my intention for the event was to create a professional environment where sustainable business leaders could come together to create authentic relationships AND learn more about sustainability. After the events, everyone would then share all that they've learned with all of the other people in their lives to help spread the information shared.  I'm happy to say that EcoTuesday has accomplished that - and then some! Participants have made great connections and learned more about the industry they represent and even more information about industries that are new to them. It's been incredibly fulfilling for me to host an event and see how much people get out of attending and learning from each other - while having fun. 


For me, this decision is bittersweet. I've had a great time producing and leading EcoTuesday, however, with the arrival of my second child in January I realized that I need to re-prioritize my commitments. Once I get settled in with the new baby, I will be focusing more of my efforts into my main business, Alegria Partners. I'm really excited about this new venture and strive to help companies with their sustainability initiatives and employee engagement campaigns (such as creating green teams). 


Please don't write off EcoTuesday entirely. I do have plans percolating to host a 1-2 half-day events next year. The content of these conferences might include an UNconference component, a few deep panel presentations focused on specific topics, incredible speakers, and, as always, the famous EcoTuesday Introduction Circle.


I'll continue to send a newsletter about once a month so please stay tuned for EcoTuesday updates and overall information pertaining to sustainability and trends in business. Our Facebook pageTwitter stream and Linkedin group will continue to be active and you're more than welcome to share information about your company, careers and interests through those social media outlets.


It's been a true joy to share this ride with you over the years! Again, please join us at EcoTuesday in Silicon Valley on Tuesday, October 23rd and Cleveland and San Francisco on Tuesday, October 30th. Also, mark your calender for the last event at the W Hotel in San Francisco on November 27th. Share a celebratory, complimentary champagne toast with us!