Over the past few years, women have made great strides in all areas of sustainability. For example, women hold key positions in large solar companies, are driving sustainability initiatives in Fortune 500 companies, and have started businesses that have greatly impacted the food industry.

There's still so much more to accomplish!

As of 2010, there are only 15 women running Fortune 500 companies; this is an extremely small number which has seen movement only in the past few years. Despite this low number, women hold 39% of the leadership positions in the sustainability field. With the proliferation of environmental and sustainability positions in all sizes and types of companies, the number of women in game-changing, influential roles can only continue to increase. Many sustainability roles have been created in the past few years, and the type of work done within these roles and the impact they have will continue to evolve.

As companies begin to see the importance of supporting and cultivating women's leadership, and more women continue to strive in these key positions, the current business paradigm will positively shift. Women a great opportunity to truly make a mark in this field!