For those of you who missed John Viera, Director of Sustainability for Ford Motor Company, you missed a great discussion. John provided an engaging overview of sustainability efforts at Ford. Ford made a commitment to being a corporate leader in sustainability a number of years ago, and much of that commitment is starting to pay off. John mentioned that there were at least three areas that Ford maintains on sustainability efforts: product, manufacturing, and social responsibility. 

  While much focus is placed on all three areas, if there is any one area where more current resources are being placed its in their products. For example, Ford is creating multiple fuel and energy platform by readying various operations throughout the world. Rather than second guess the most viable source of fuel or energy in the future, Ford has a cross-platform strategy will allow the automaker to make relativity quick adjustments to vehicle manufacturing. As a result of this sort of plug and play approach, Ford anticipates it will be ready to leverage the right vehicle fuel and energy sources when and where they are needed in the future. Of course Ford products are designed with other positive sustainable features in mind. Fuel economy is among these – and the company continues to find ways to provide best-in-class fuel economy without sacrificing comfort and performance. Ford sustainability efforts also permeate many other facets of their operations from vehicle materials acquisition and disposal, plant operations, waste management, energy conservation and much more.   For more information about Ford’s blueprint for sustainability, check out the following link: